How to finally cure your poor Wi-Fi Reception around the house.

One of the most common questions we receive now is “How do we boost my Wi-Fi Signal around the house” with the amount of devices we keep in our homes that make use of Wi-Fi ever increasing and just generally the use of smartphones and tablets the workload demand on our poor routers has gone up exponentially and yet plenty of people we visit are still relying on the Sky Hub or BT Homehub etc from 10 years ago. The routers that come bundled with your broadband contract have been getting slightly better but are normally still a far cry from a perfect setup for a house full of Netflix viewers and home offices. 

Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Point

There are various steps you can take to improve your Wi-Fi and plenty of guides online Link to a guide

The trouble with Wi-Fi is that it is very difficult for a quick fix, Wi-Fi is regulated in terms of transmission power so one product that promises to cover the whole house is unlikely to work quite as well as you may think. There are also Wi-Fi Repeaters that work by listening for the existing signal and “Repeating” the signal as a middleman but messages can become lost and garbled creating more issues. 

The steps we normally take is to replace the free bundled router from your ISP with something up for the job of modern needs such as Draytek product designed for commercial use along with Wi-Fi Access Points placed strategically around your home ideally with cables, we carry out a full inspection and report free of charge. Cabling sounds scary but we are very experienced with running cables neatly and discrectly. 

Good quality Wi-Fi Access Points such as the ones we use from Ruckus also manage the clients per AP (Access Point) What this means is that the technology does all the hard work, when you are in the kitchen your iPhone/Android will connect to the nearest AP in the kitchen, when you move upstairs to the bedroom the system will monitor your signal and move you to the nearest AP in the bedroom keeping the signal the strongest and the speeds the fastest!

Slow internet and dropouts are the most common issues we hear about, most of the time this is resolved by replacing the BT Homehub, Sky Router or Virgin Router etc that are supplied from your ISP for free. 

With the increase of speed and devices on these routers its really common to see them fall over and require constant reboots. 

We recommend replacement units that are specced to the job from companies like Draytek, Ruckus and Pakedge as an example.

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