Technology at home

Multiroom audio, Video Matrix, Wi-Fi Access points, Routers, Switches, Control systems, Sonos and much more – What is it all? Do you need anymore tech in your home?

We have built up a simple way of doing business, understanding what you want to do and then putting it all together in the simplest way in terms of products, ease of use and also a level of future proof then guiding you throughout the whole process.

Having visited 100’s of homes in the last 10 years or so carrying out free home surveys (contact us for one yourself!) its clear that if you are currently or planning to carry out any home renovations or building works it is a good idea to give us a call ASAP! We sit in quite a niche space, we are not just electricians, we are also not builders or architects (however we do have trusted partners to use them if we need to) 

The number 1 problem we come across with new build homes or renovations is the lack of infrastructure due to cost cutting or poor planning, we provide wiring schedules to our customers to plan for the correct cables the first time around.

The cost of cabling your home from top to bottom is negligible in the grand schemes of a project and plenty of people we speak to seem to suggest that having the correct cabling in place for technology helps with home sales going forward.

The value we can bring to any home renovations or new builds is a reliable modern home;

a home where:

  • Wi-Fi works in every single room and the garden, zero deadspots! (See our guide on Wi-Fi
  • Music or radio can be enjoyed around the house – don’t want clutter? we can hide every speaker to the point that they can be invisible in the walls.
  • TV’s that are not an eyesore, wall mounting is still super popular and im sure you have all seen the perfect images of a TV “floating” on the wall, this happens with planning from day 1 all of the cables are still there but hidden
  • Clutter free, no more random cables on show
KEF Ceiling Speaker - Custom Installation Sonos Multiroom Audio

Custom Installation & Install speakers (Ceiling, in-wall, invisible)

CI (Custom Installation) can mean a lot of different things from Ceiling Speakers hooked up to a multiroom audio system like Sonos to a fully soundproofed dedicated cinema room. 

Architectural speakers such as in ceiling, on wall and even completely sealed into a wall (invisible speakers) is a great addition to any home, enjoy music without the wires. listen to your favorite playlist from spotify controlled with a dedicated control system or something like Amazons Alexa which in the right conditions works great. 

Links to brochures of some of the products we supply:

Home Cinema & Hi-Fi

Home cinema doesn’t have to be a dedicated room in the basement (although we all would love it!) today simple TV sound solutions to improve the quality for everyday viewing is essential. Soundbars, Soundbases are the go to but this can quickly progress if you really enjoy your films and TV to multis speaker setups – 5.1 Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X and more.The type of speaker your more advanced cinema system is made up of can also vary, from full sized cinema wall speakers to the traditional bookshelf type speaker to a more stealthy approach with the use of in ceiling speakers.

Stealthy Leon Audio LCR Soundbar Home cinema Setup

Control systems & Automated homes

Control systems are the hidden gem of any modern tech home, they tie everything together – want the best surround sound system without 4 different remote controls and a launch sequence from nasa? control system is the answer, they work by replacing all of your remotes with one (as seen on the left for example) or from a tablet or phone. 

In addition to just simplifying control you can then automate. home automation is still a bit of an unknown for a lot of people we meet but it really is something to embrace, the first response is normally why would I need automation; and its a good question. Automation is a bit like the first time you try a product like Sonos, you don’t really get it until you have tried it; for instance automated lighting, doesn’t it make sense that your driveway lights come on when it gets dark/light rather than at a set time (as the sunset/rise times change). Hallway lighting, if you get up during the night to visit the bathroom or go the kitchen, doesn’t it make sense that certain lights come on at say 30% to illuminate the way for you safely without fumbling for switches, and then turn off again when you return? 

We have been working with Savant as our home automation partner for a few years now, we can offer great 1 room solutions to get rid of the clutter of remotes you currently have, or completely automate your home from TV, Heating, Cooling, Lighting, Audio and even the hot tub!

Prices start from £1,000 but feel free to contact us for any size project for a free on site survey with no obligations.