We think technology should be simple and enable you to enjoy your day and be productive whether at work or home (and even during the boring commute!)

Our business is to find the best solution to your problem, supply the right kit the first time, on budget and even install it all from start to finish.

We use our own installers along with trusted partnered subcontractors to be able to manage projects large or small.

With the current COVID-19 crisis we know that more than ever people are having to work from home, if anything comes out of this whole situation perhaps working from home is a good thing!

However we speak to plenty of people every week who have technical issues at home, with their Wi-Fi dropping out, slow internet, computer or laptop issues etc, we offer free advice over the phone or email so please get in contact!. Read more about Wi-Fi HERE

Supply and fit of range of security option from Dahua and Texecom, Alarm’s, CCTV, Cameras, Recorders and Door stations etc.

We range from a simple setup of 2 Cameras recording 24/7 and viewable from your phone to sophisticated ANPR and Thermal cameras for home or work. Protect your property, home, office, yard or site. We also handle how you view the CCTV from setting up on your PC or MAC, Phone and viewable on all TV’s. Training is provided and support is available around the clock.

You can contact us for a live demo on what is available.

Alarm systems supplied and professionally installed from Texecom Wired & Wireless systems are available, lock and unlock from your phone, receive push alerts. 

Better Wi-Fi around the house or office is one of our most popular requests in 2019, with IoT (Internet of things) constantly getting bigger it takes a bit of thought and planning to keep everything running smoothly.

IoT is just a word used to describe devices you already use everyday such as your smartphone, however other devices so far might include; Computers – Laptops, Tables (iPads, Galaxy tab) Audio Products – Sonos, multiroom smart speakers, Hi-Fi Streamers, Smart Speakers. Smart Home – Thermostats, CCTV and much more.

Every new generation of tech we expect to see more IoT including healthcare products.

Read more here


Home Automation systems designed, supplied and installed all in house, we use Savant control systems but we are able to work with most of the other top brands such as Control4, Crestron, URC etc. 

With Savant Pro we can condense all of your current remotes and apps to one simple platform. 

The great thing with Savant is the ability to configure yourself after the installation if you wish, meaning no longer do you have to call a programmer to create a movie mode that dims your lights starts up your projector and even turns on the popcorn machine!

Control systems can start of with just one room and you have the option to expand if you enjoy the system, we always suggest this route. 

Download the Savant Pro app today on your phone or tablet and try out the demo mode, it is fully functional and give you an insight to what you might expect if you go ahead with a system.